About Me

In 2013, I started a blog after I saw how running transformed my friend’s life she lost a lot of weight and looked happy and healthy.

The sole purpose of this site is to inspire you to run and educate you in endurance sports – primarily distance running. I want to prove to you that anybody can do it; it’s just a matter of having faith in yourself and your ability. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either! Make yourself at home, have some fun with us, and learn something in the process. We train hard. We race harder. We celebrate our accomplishments the hardest. We are GingerRunner.com

I’m not the only person that will contribute to this site. I really wanted to make a community of people of all different shapes, sizes and abilities in order to show you that indeed anyone can run and have fun doing it. Here are some of our community leaders! (If you think you have what it takes to be a contributor to GingerRunner.com, please contact me and let’s chat it out!)

Running Has Many Benefits

If you are having a bad day, you will always feel better after a running session. This phenomenon has been scientifically proven: running can release endorphins and serotonin in the body. You feel happier and less anxious. These hormones produced by your brain also make running an effective treatment against depression.

People who run regularly tend to have higher life expectancy. Research shows that running for 30 minutes, three times a week, can reduce a person’s biological age, saving up to 9 years. And that’s not all, the skin looks firmer and less wrinkled thanks to better circulation and absorption of oxygen. Running regularly also helps reduce the risk of age-related mental degeneration, keeping your brain active longer.

Further Research has shown that running regularly (less than an hour a week) can reduce the risk of heart disease by half. The faster you run, the more your heart works to maintain the blood flow at the speed needed, and the stronger it gets. But that’s not all. Running also improves digestion by increasing the rate at which food is metabolized by the body. It also provides an extra amount of water for all processes to run smoothly. Nor should we forget the increase in lung capacity. These are great benefits to your overall health.

outside of my office hours you can will always find me pounding the pavement and working up a sweat in my  gear and braided pigtails, or in my kitchen cooking up some yummy vegetarian food while sipping on a glass of red wine, out being social or somewhere in the air between YVR and LAX.  i wants my blog to be centred around one of my main passions: RUNNING! And I will always incorporate some of my other favourite things related to running: nutrition, recipes, fashion, music, etc…